Walt Disney World Marathon

Walt Disney World Marathon

Our Disney training program has been designed to have you prepared and alert for all the Disney surprises. We will have your legs feeling fresh and lively on race day to ensure you can take in all of the Disney magic that surrounds you.

Focusing on agility, alertness and endurance.

Running Sessions

Running session are personalised to your level of fitness and the race you are training for. Running can be performed anywhere that is convenient for you.

Strength Sessions

Strength sessions can be performed in your local gym or the comfort of your own home. Strength exercises are designed to your ability. 

Recovery Sessions

Recovery sessions are incorporated within your program to prevent over training and risk of injury. Recovery is an essential component to your program.

Training Tracker

View your program on your phone or make a printable copy. Use your training tracker to monitor your progress whilst keeping you on track.

Trainer Support

The team are here and happy to help you every step of the way. Receive regular messages, emails and videos.

Master your mindset

Eliminate your negative nonsense! Stay positive and motivated with the Master your own mindset ebook.

Destination Tips

The team have compiled a list of top 10 destination tips for you to explore on your race event travels.

Program Partner Perks

We have teamed up with some fantastic partners which offer some great discount offers for our Go There Run There clients.

Please remember that to complete the registration process you must fill out the linked PDF form provided to you once you have placed an order.