Effective workouts anytime anywhere with PTP

Effective workouts anytime anywhere with PTP

PTP offers the latest range of fitness accessories to help you train and recover like a real pro anywhere. With their premium quality products designed for all aspects of your training, from resistance bands to foam rollers and myofascial release PTP will have the product you are looking for to help optimise your training and recovery.

The Go There Run There team use many of these products during their training plans and encourage all athletes to invest in some of their own.

Here is a workout for you - Targeting glutes and upper body 

PTP Resistance Band Circuit :

Perform 3 sets x 12 repetitions 


Standing leg extension


Standing row 


Standing side raises



Laying leg curl


Resistance bands used in this circuit are a heavy power tube and mediband light

Visit https://www.ptpfit.com/ to explore the full PTP range.